The Foundation of North Clarion School District was founded in 2012 and is a non-profit, exempt, public benefit corporation whose primary purpose is to foster and promote the learning opportunities for all students residing in the North Clarion County School District. The funding will be used to support district wide academic initiatives, academic programs, curriculum material, book purchases and training opportunities for North Clarion County School District teachers.

The need for such funds has increased significantly in recent years, as North Clarion County School District has been experiencing significant funding cuts at the state and federal levels. The philosophy of learning throughout our district has always focused around conducting student-centered inquiry based instruction. In short, our teachers believe that our students learn by doing instead of watching. It has allowed the students to take conceptual knowledge from the text and apply it to real world applications. Whether you are a parent or grandparent of a student, an alumni, or a member of the community who supports academic excellence, we need your help to maintain the high academic standards that have been set for our students. Any contributions that you can make to our Foundation will help us continue to provide a quality education for our students.